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The company

Oinountas S.A. was founded in 1999 on the slopes of mount Parnonas from a small group of Kalamata olives producers from the village of Sellasia. Since then, it deals exclusively with the production, purchasing and processing of the Greek Kalamata olive.
In recent years, the activity of our company has developed significantly, reaching the processing of 4,000 tons of Kalamata olives on an annual basis, always in close cooperation with over 500 Laconian producers of Kalamata olives.
Our goal is the efficient supply of food industries in the best value for money.


Quality assurance and food safety is one of our main concerns. For this reason, our company is certified with the following certificates.

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Our production process

The collection and purchase of Kalamata olives is the primary stage of our work. Then follows the careful fermentation and quality sorting of the olives. In the final stage, the olives are processed in a wide range of forms and packages destined for wholesale, always according to the needs and the required quality specifications of our customers.

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Olive collection

The collection of the largest volume of Kalamata olives takes place every year in the period November – December, in the branches of our company. Nevertheless, the process continues throughout the year through the purchase of Kalamata olives from carefully selected suppliers – producers in Greece.

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Fermentation & Quality sorting

The olives are stored in our tanks and are closely monitored by our Quality department for several months, aiming at their smooth and qualitative fermentation. They are then sorted and selected qualitatively, so as to prepare them for their final stage of processing.

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In the final phase , we process the olives either in whole or in pitted form, offering our customers reliable solutions, in a range of wholesale packages.

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Our products

Our products are available in a variety of plastic and tin packaging, ideal for customers looking for wholesale supply.

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Kalamata Olives

Kalamata olives black and blonde, whole or pitted, available in all sizes and a variety of quality specifications

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Pitted forms

In addition to the classic pitted form, other types of processing are available such as cut in halves, cut in four (4) pieces (quarters), olive slices (sliced a.k.a. rings) and olive paste.

News & Useful information

Learn all about Kalamata olives, its history, its cultivation and its valuable properties.

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Find us

Sellasia, Lakonia
TEL.: +30 27310 94131
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